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Florida Nursing Home Inspection Reports Lack Vital Information

No matter how old we are, most of us continue to view our parents as middle aged, healthy, and basically invincible. Consequently, coming to the realization that a parent has aged, and deteriorated physically and/or mentally, can be difficult to accept. If your parent’s condition requires the type and/or level of care that you cannot [ ] The post Florida Nursing Home Inspection Reports Lack Vital Information appeared first on Kulas Law Group.

Do You Have a Plan to Manage Future Nursing Home Expenses?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported some time ago that most adults in the United States will eventually require long-term care, with roughly four in ten expected to spend at least some time in a nursing home. With care currently costing many thousands of dollars a month – and those costs expected to [ ] The post Do You Have a Plan to Manage Future Nursing Home Expenses? appeared first on Kulas Law Group.

Can I Qualify for Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Home Care?

It is no doubt true that most people don’t spend their lives wondering how they’ll pay for long-term care should the need ever arise. Frankly, it’s doubtful that too many people ever bother to wonder whether they’ll ever need such care in the first place. Human nature being what it is, most of us assume [ ] The post Can I Qualify for Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Home Care? appeared first on Robert J. Kulas.

High Nursing Home Costs and How to Manage them

Anyone who complains about the high cost of rent in most places around the United States would probably recoil in horror if he were presented with the average monthly bill for a simple private room in any of the nation’s nursing homes. The fact is that long-term health care costs have risen sharply in recent [ ] The post High Nursing Home Costs and How to Manage them appeared first on Robert J. Kulas.

Does the nursing home get half of my assets?

Sometimes a client who is thinking about the possibility of going to a nursing home will ask me if the nursing home will get half of their assets. The real answer is it depends on the situation and whether or not you have planned ahead. If you are a single person and need Medicaid help [ ] The post Does the nursing home get half of my assets? appeared first on Robert J. Kulas.

Is It Time to Contact a Nursing Home Lawyer?

If you have a parent, or other elderly loved one, who is a resident at a nursing home and you are concerned about his/her quality of care, you may very well have reason to be. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a prevalent – and growing – problem in the United States. Many of the facts and figures regarding abuse of the elderly in general are downright shocking, and certainly give loved ones of nursing home residents reason to be concerned about the possibility of their loved one suffering abuse or neglect. Of course, there are plenty of nursing homes that provide excellent care to the residents. If, however, you are concerned that your parent (or loved one) is being abused or neglected at a nursing home it may be time to consult with a nursing home lawyer. This is one of those times when the old adage “better safe than sorry” definitely applies. Elder Abuse Facts and Figures Abuse and neglect of the elderly is, unfortunately, not a new problem in the United States. It is, h

Elderly Nursing Home Worker Charged with Elder Abuse in Florida

Sadly, incidents of nursing home abuse appear to be on the rise all over the United States and the State of Florida is no exception. Take, for example, the somewhat shocking recent news report of a 74 year old nursing home worker who allegedly abused a 66 year old resident in Deltona, Florida. The 74 year old nursing assistant was charged with elder abuse after co-workers claimed they actually witnessed her striking the back of a patient’s head multiple times. The incident occurred at Deltona Health Care which is now under investigation by the Agency for Health Care Administration, or AHCA,  as well as the Florida Department of Children and Families. According to documents released in the case by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Randall Allison, a 66 year old wheelchair-bound resident suffering from severe dementia, tried to leave the facility without authorization last November. Nursing assistant Marthe Alonzeau, 74, allegedly noticed Ellison trying to leave and turned his w