What Legacy Planning Can Do for You

A traditional estate plan focuses on protecting your assets while you are alive and the distribution of your wealth after your death. While these two objectives are certainly important, and necessary, there may be more that you wish to pass down to future generations along with your wealth. Intangible concepts such as your values, beliefs, ideals, and even your faith, for example, may have helped guide you through your life. Understandably, you may want to pass those down to your loved ones as well as your tangible assets. Legacy planning allows you to do just that. As the name implies, legacy planning focuses on passing down your legacy, not just material assets. How Does Legacy Planning Differ from Traditional Estate Planning? The focus of traditional estate planning is centered on the distribution of estate assets after death. Your estate assets may include real or personal property as well as financial and investment accounts; however, the bottom line is that traditional estate pl


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