How Medicaid Planning Can Save Your Estate

Like many people, one of your primary objectives in creating an estate plan is likely to ensure that loved ones are well provided for after you are gone. Of course, that objective can only be met if your estate has sufficient assets left in it at the time of you death. What many people fail to factor into their estate plan is the possibility of a hefty end of life long-term care bill. Given the exorbitant cost of long-term care, coupled with the odds of you, or your spouse, needing that care, there is a very real risk that your estate assets will be depleted at the time of your death, making your goal of providing for loved ones impossible to reach. The good news is that by including a Medicaid planning component in your estate plan you may be able to cover long-term care costs and hold onto your estate assets. Will You Need Long-Term Care? We all hope to live to the age of 100, remain in our own home, and have all our faculties in place at which time we can die peacefully in our slee


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