Avoiding Probate Requires Careful Planning

Comprehensive estate planning encompasses much more than simply deciding who will receive which assets when you die and then reducing those decisions to writing in the form of a Last Will and Testament. For most people, estate planning involves a number of additional, yet related, goals and objectives as well. One of the most common of those goals is probate avoidance. Avoiding probate, however, requires careful planning. By incorporating probate avoidance strategies into your estate plan though, you will save your loved ones a considerable amount of time and frustration as well as likely save your estate a significant amount of money – money that can be better used providing for your loved ones after you are gone. Understanding the Probate Process in Florida In order to understand why avoiding probate is such a common goal, you must first have at least a basic understanding of the Florida probate process. Probate is the legal process that is required to follow the death of an indiv


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