Elder Law Can Affect Anyone, Not Just the Elderly

Like many people, you may have heard the term “elder law” and wondered to what it refers exactly. Clearly, it must refer to legal issues that affect the elderly right? Yes, elder law does involve legal issues of the elderly; however, elder law can affect anyone, not just the elderly. If you are a caregiver, family member, or even just a friend of an older individual, elder law issues may impact your life as well. As such, it may be beneficial for you to have a better understanding of what the area of the law known as elder law actually covers as well as when an elder law attorney might be able to help you and your elderly patient, family member, or friend. The Need for Elder Law As we approached the new millennium, the number of older Americans began to increase dramatically. As that occurred, the legal community recognized the need for attorneys who could assist the elderly with their legal problems. In 1988 the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, or NAELA, was created to ad


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