Why You and Your Partner Need to Discuss Estate Planning This Year – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we looked at some key reasons why you and your partner need to discuss estate planning this year if you are not married, or are not planning on becoming so. The law makes some significant distinctions between married couples and those living in a romantic relationship who are not married. While we discussed some general ideas about the situation in our last discussion on this topic, this week we thought we would look at some specific steps and issues you and your partner might need to talk about. You and Your Partner Need to Discuss Estate Planning: Life Insurance If either you or your partner has a life insurance policy, you will need to go over the policy details with one another if you intend the other to be the beneficiary. Life insurance policies come in a couple of key forms, but they all generally do the same thing. Namely, when the insurance policyholder dies, the policy provides for the named beneficiary to receive the specified payout. Before you commit


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