Why, and How, Wills and Trusts Work so Well Together

Wills and trusts are probably the two most commonly created estate planning tools today; and for good reason. A good last will and testament provides a range of options and protections, while a good trust or two provide similar benefits. But, when you use the two tools together, they often compliment and enhance the protections provided by each. Understanding why a will and a trust are so important can go a long way to help convince you that you need an estate plan. Wills and Trust: The Will A last will and testament is the estate planning device with which most people are familiar. Everyone knows that they can write a will that includes their inheritance wishes. They might also know that they can make additional choices through a will, such as naming an state executor, but the inheritance powers are the most well-known. As the basis of a comprehensive estate plan, a will is always necessary. Even though many of the choices you can make through a will can be more effectively done thro


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