5 Commonly Asked Questions About Medicaid in Florida

A lot of people have questions about Medicaid in Florida, especially when it comes to using the program to pay for long term care costs. Who can use Medicaid? When? What are the requirements? How can someone with significant assets use Medicaid without having to first spend down those assets? Today we are going to take a look at some commonly asked questions about Medicaid in Florida. What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a health insurance and health care system designed to provide health care coverage to individuals or families with low-incomes. Medicaid is program run through each individual state with funding and requirements partially provided by the federal government. One of the most important aspects of Medicaid is its payment of long term care costs. When someone needs ongoing care in a nursing home, elder care, or similar facility, those who qualify for Medicaid can use the program for the costs associated with the care. Long term care costs can easily exceed $65,000 or more per yea


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