Aging Parents and Guardians in Florida – Commonly Asked Questions

A couple months ago we looked at a variety of questions surrounding guardians in Florida, but we wanted to revisit the topic to discuss it in light of the question of aging parents and the children who are worried about them. Florida is home to many senior citizens, and a lot of children of aging parents are concerned about the options they have if and when their parents need assistance. In particular, having someone serve as a guardian for their aging parents is often a key question when adult children talk to us about their concerns. Today we are going to take a look at some commonly asked questions surrounding aging parents and guardians in Florida, and the issues you may need to think about. When does an aging parent need a guardian? There is often no clear answer to this question, and no single answer that fits all situations. Generally speaking, only a Florida court can determine if an adult requires a guardian to make decisions on his or her behalf. When making its determinatio


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