Asset Control and Your Living Trust in Port Saint Lucie Florida

Most people creating an estate plan in Florida will utilize a revocable living trust as a way to manage and control their property. As with all trusts, a revocable living trust requires you to create a new legal entity that can own property. After creating the trust, you will then go through the process of transferring all of your personal property into the trust’s name. When many people hear about this last part of the trust creation process, they balk. After all, won’t transferring your property to a trust mean that you lose control over it? Why would you want to create something that results in you no longer being in control of your personal property? To help alleviate some of these fears, let’s take a closer look at how a living trust in Port Saint Lucie Florida works and why it actually improves your ability to control your property. Benefits of a Living Trust in Port Saint Lucie Florida A living trust allows you important benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t normally ha


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