Attorney-in-Fact in Port St Lucie Florida: Common Questions

Through a power of attorney, competent adults in Florida can appoint an attorney-in-fact who will represent their interests. People appointed as an attorney-in-fact should take the time to consider what this appointment means for them. Most powers of attorney cover financial or health care issues, though each document differs. Here are several commonly asked questions about becoming an attorney-in-fact in Port St Lucie Florida. What will my responsibilities be? That depends on the document. People who create powers of attorney, called principals, can delegate decision-making authority to an attorney-in-fact. The types of decisions they want their attorney-in-fact to make will differ, and will be spelled out in the power of attorney document. As an attorney-in-fact—also known as an agent—it will be your responsibility to read this document so you can understand what will be expected of you if you choose to serve. In any case, you must always serve the principal’s best interest wh


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