Florida Estate Plans Change Over Time – Part 1

Last week we looked at how average Florida estate plans change over time. This week we are going to continue our exploration of common changes that you will probably need to make as you and your plan gets older. However, it s important to note that even if the issues we talk about in these blogs don t affect you, you may nevertheless need to update or change your estate plan simply because your wishes and desires can change over time. Also, if you find that you have experienced the kinds of changes we have discussed here but have not made the appropriate changes to your estate plan, you need to contact us as soon as possible so we can tell you what you can do to better protect yourself. Florida estate plans change over time because people have children. Whether you are single or married, your estate plan will need to change significantly as soon as you have a child. For instance, do you know who would be responsible for taking care of your child if you and the child s other parent bec


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