How to Choose an Executor in Florida

Many of the decisions you make when you create an estate plan in Florida, such as when you choose an executor, will require you to balance a number of factors. Always speak to your estate planning attorney for advice about choosing important people to play key roles in your estate plan. However, before you do that, you can go a long way in making sure you choose an executor that is right for you by considering some important steps. Step 1. Understand what an executor does. An estate executor, also commonly referred to as a personal representative, is responsible for managing the property you leave behind after you die. Your executor will, for example, have to go before a Florida probate court judge and asked the court to grant him or her the legal authority to begin managing your property. Once a court grants the legal authority, the executor then receives the ability to take certain steps, such as taking an inventory of all your property, reviewing any claims made by creditors, and u


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