Digital Asset Control Law Could be Sign of Things to Come

State lawmakers in Delaware recently adopted new legislation that might be the first of its kind to address the issue of digital asset control and access issues that many people across country have questions about. In recent years, the prominence of digital assets in estate planning has continued to increase as the role of computers, smart phones, and the Internet has crept ever deeper into our daily lives. Though this law only applies to residents of the state of Delaware, it could be a sign of things to come because these issues exist for people developing an estate plan across the country. Digital Assets and Information A digital asset is almost anything you have on your computer, cell phone, the Internet, or any other kind of technological device. Some digital assets, such as family photos or personal e-mails, can have little or no monetary value, but can nevertheless be extremely important. Other assets, such as online bank accounts or online businesses, can have a high dollar va


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