What Taxes do I Have to Pay if I receive an Inheritance in Florida?

It s fairly common for people to come talk to us about concerns they have about possibly having to pay taxes if they receive an inheritance in Florida. Any time you receive money or property, considering the potential tax implications is always a wise thing to do. Even if you unwittingly make a mistake and forget to pay taxes, or don t realize that taxes applied in your particular situation, you can set yourself up for some serious legal headaches down the road. So when people receive an inheritance in Florida, they should always speak to a tax or estate planning professional as soon as possible. Until then, here are some general principles you should know about receiving inheritances in Florida. You won t have to pay estate taxes on an inheritance in Florida. An estate tax is a kind of tax that applies to the property left behind by a deceased person. That property, known as the estate, can have to pay a portion of its value as a tax. However, most estates are not subject to an estat


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