Credit Scores, Financial Planning, and Rebuilding Credit

In the past couple weeks we ve taken a look at how credit scores, financial planning, come together in some situations. While credit scores are generally not related to estate planning, they can have a significant impact when it comes to financial planning and your financial options. This is especially true for people who, for example, have gone through bankruptcy or suffered financial hardships and who wants to rebuild their credit scores to a level where they can once again obtain loans or competitive loan rates. Today we re going to take a look at this idea of rebuilding or repairing credit, and what it s really all about. Financial Planning and Your Credit Score As we mentioned in our previous blogs, credit scores are really only important if you intend to obtain or use any kind of loan or other form of consumer credit. Whether it s a credit card, car loan, or mortgage, your credit score will play a key role in not only determining whether you can obtain a loan, but also in the ki


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