Guardians in Florida – Final Questions

Over the past several weeks we have looked at a number of issues about guardians in Florida. Understanding what a guardian is, the role guardians play, and what you might be able to do about the situation important regardless of the kind of estate plan you are creating, or the kind of issues you think you might one day face. Because guardians can become involved in almost anyone s life, and that almost any time, having some basic knowledge about them is useful. Nevertheless, there are some additional issues that we haven t covered in this blog series that we would like to take some time to discuss today. So, in our final entry in our guardians in Florida blog series, were going to take a look at some additional issues we haven t talked about. Guardians in Florida. What is a guardian ad litem? A guardian ad litem, or GAL, is a temporary guardian appointed for a limited amount of time and only in specific situations. When a court considers what should happen to an incapacitated person,


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