3 Groups of People Who Need a Florida Power of Attorney

If you have read through our blog, you probably know how important it is to create a power of attorney as a part of your estate plan. Powers of attorney are remarkably useful and flexible documents that almost anyone can use regardless of their situation. However, there are some groups of people who are particularly in need when it comes to developing one or more powers of attorney. Today, we thought we d take a little time to look at these groups of people and explain why it s so important for them to have a power of attorney in place. Parents with Young Children As the parent of a child who is dependent on you for care, support, and guidance, it s your responsibility to make sure that your child will be provided for no matter what happens to you. Should you die, do you know what would happen to your child? What about if you are incapacitated? Who would take over parenting responsibilities? Do you just assume that your spouse, parents, siblings, or other relatives would step in to ta


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