Basic Questions About Estate Planning – Do I Need a Will and a Living Will?

In this week s discussion on basic questions about estate planning in Vero Beach, Florida we are going to look at why almost everyone who creates an estate plan will need to make both a will and a living will. As foundational elements of a good plan, a will and a living will are indispensible. Though you are not legally obligated to create any kind of estate plan, creating a plan without both a will and a living will is a serious mistake. Let s take a look at why this is. What are living wills? Living wills are a part of the collection of legal tools known as advance directives. You make a living will in anticipation of, or in advance of, losing your ability to make or communicate decisions. Living wills convey your medical wishes to your doctors and health care providers. As long as you make your wishes clear, and make your living will in compliance with specific legal standards, your health care providers are legally obligated to follow the directions you express in that document if


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