Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What is a Self-Proving Affidavit?

In today s blog entry in our ongoing series on basic questions about estate planning, we are going to look at the self-proving affidavit. Last week we looked at video wills and why, though they are not a valid substitute for a last will and testament, they play a potentially important role in your estate plan. Self-proving affidavits play a similar role. Though they are not absolutely necessary, they can be very useful. In fact, self-proving affidavit is almost always included with an estate plan because they are so useful. Here s what you need to know about the self-proving affidavit and your Florida estate plan. What is an affidavit? When it comes to courts, evidence, and statements by witnesses, it isn t always possible to bring people before a judge, have them take an oath or affirmation to be truthful, and then pose questions to them so that their answers may be received by the court as evidence. As a way to allow people outside of a courtroom to make statements that can be used


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