Guardians in Florida – How Does a Court Appoint a Guardian?

Since we have been discussing guardians in Florida, today we thought we would look more closely at the legal process of how a court will appoint a guardian. The laws surrounding guardians in Florida require a specific set of steps to take place before someone can become a guardian of a child or incapacitated adult, and only a court can make the final determination. How does a court appoint a guardian? What has to happen during the process? Let s take a look at the basic steps. How Does a Court Appoint a Guardian? Filing a Petition Like many processes before a court, the guardianship appointment process begins after someone decides to file a petition. The petition is a document that must include specific information, and which must be filed with a court that has jurisdiction over the parties involved. In the case of a guardianship appointment, the person filing the petition, called a petitioner, has to include information about the person who the petitioner believes needs a guardian, c


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