Collectibles and Your Inheritance Plan

For a lot of people in Florida, acquiring just the right collectible can be a rewarding pastime. Collections can range from the small to the extensive, highly valuable, or even the historically important. But what happens to your collectibles after you are gone? How do you address collectibles issues through your estate and inheritance plan? What kinds of issues do you have to consider when developing your plan? Today we thought we would talk about collectibles in estate and inheritance plans in Florida, and what people with collections might have to think about. Collectibles and Your Inheritance Plan. Establishing Value One of the first, and often most difficult, issues to deal with when you have a collection of valuable items is determining value. The collectibles market can be as volatile as any other, and prices can fluctuate drastically. For example, while Beanie Babies and Longaberger baskets fetched high prices in the 90s, the market for these collectibles has since crashed. O


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