Springing or Non-Springing POA

The question of whether to create a springing or non-springing POA (power of attorney) is a common one among people creating an estate plan in Florida. Though it is important to understand that no two estate planning situations are ever identical, and that you need to talk to your attorney about crafting powers of attorney that meet your individual needs, there are some general issues you can familiarize yourself with when it comes to springing or non-springing POA. Today, we re going to take a look at several of these issues, and how your plan might incorporate one or both of these kinds of documents. Springing POA A springing power of attorney doesn t take effect until triggering actions have occurred. These triggering actions, known as conditions precedent, are stated explicitly in the power of attorney document. Once they take place, only then does the agent receive authority to begin making decisions on behalf of the principal. Most people who use springing powers of attorney do


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