Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I go About Challenging a Will?

When people hear that you are an estate planning lawyer, it isn t uncommon to get questions about challenging a will. Will challenges, also known as contesting a will, are common tropes in television, fiction, and film. However, challenging a will is a rather uncommon occurrence in the world of estate planning, even though it is sometimes possible. To help you better understand how you might go about challenging a will, what would be required of you, and what the results might be, let s take a look at some important questions. What does challenging a will involve? Not just anyone can challenge a will, and you cannot do it simply because you don t like what the document has to say. There are two essential concepts you have to understand if you want to challenge a will. The first of these is the concept of standing. In order to challenge a will, you have to have legal standing. This means that the law must recognize your ability to contest the will or its terms. In order to have standin


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