Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What are Medical Directives?

If you have been reading along with our blog series on basic questions about estate planning in Florida, you probably already know about medical directives, even if we have not used that term explicitly. Medical directives, also known as advance directives, advance medical directives, health care directives, or by other similar terms, are essential pieces of every comprehensive estate plan. The help better explain what these documents do, why they are important, and what you can do to create them, let s take a look at some key questions. What are medical directives? An essential step in creating an estate plan in Florida involves creating tools that address what you want to happen to you in the event you become mentally or physically incapacitated. Should you lose your ability to make choices, lose your ability to communicate them, or otherwise becomes significantly disabled, you will need medical directives in place to address specific questions. The main kinds of questions medical d


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