Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What is Legacy Planning?

In today s blog entry in our ongoing series on basic questions about estate planning in Florida, we are going to take a look at legacy planning, or as it is sometimes referred to, legacy wealth planning. When people craft a legacy plan, they look at issues that go beyond simple equations about estate taxes, financial calculations, or incapacity plans. To help better explain this, let s take a look at some key questions surrounding legacy planning. What is legacy planning? Legacy planning, or legacy wealth planning, involves crafting tools that will protect your assets, as well as give you the chance to protect your values and beliefs after you are gone. When you craft a legacy plan you will naturally look to your financial security. After all, if you are unable to leave behind a substantial estate, you won t have many options when it comes to crafting an estate or legacy plan. As a part of this process you might have to consider what will happen to your finances if and when you or you


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