Survey: Millionaires to Leave Children, not Charities, Their Fortunes

A recent poll from CNBC shows that a large majority of American millionaires are planning on leaving their wealth to their children. The millionaires say that charitable causes, philanthropies, and social causes score low on their list of inheritance priorities. This poll comes just as the nation is beginning the largest cross-generational wealth transfer in its history. Millionaires and Their Families The CNBC millionaires poll shows that Americans with assets of at least $1 million will leave their money almost entirely to their children. More than half of all survey respondents say they plan on leaving their children inheritances of at least $1 million, while 20 percent say they will leave at least $500,000. Only about four percent said they want to leave their children less than $100,000. When it comes to charities, the millionaires say that leaving inheritances to charitable groups is low on their list of concerns. Almost two-thirds of respondents say they plan to leave less than


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