Your Estate Plan and Your Foreign Property

While the issue is not that common, there are some people who create an estate plan in Florida who need to consider specific issues about foreign property, or property located in foreign countries. What happens to this property after you die? Do you need to create special tools or take precautions to ensure these assets are disposed of in the way you want? Are there additional steps you will have to take that people who don t own foreign property will not? Today we are going to take a look at the kinds of issues owning foreign property will bring up when creating an estate plan. Foreign Property in Estate Planning. International Laws, Wills, and Inheritances You might know that each state has its own rules about what people can, cannot, and must do when it comes to drafting a last will and testament. But so too do different countries have different laws about inheritances. If you own property that is located in a foreign country, what do you have to do to make a will? Do you need sepa


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