Understanding Estate Planning: Estate Planning is Important Because it Addresses “Whens” and “Ifs”

It can be hard for people to understand exactly why having an estate plan is important regardless of your age, financial circumstances, or personal desires. After all, if you are young, do not have a lot of money, do not have children, and do not have anything to worry about, is an estate plan absolutely necessary? What is so important about estate planning that you need to do it right away? To help explain why having an estate plan is important, today we re going to take a look at the primary questions your plan answers. We can lump these questions into two groups: the whens, and the ifs. The Whens of Why Estate Planning is Important Everyone will die. While this is an uncomfortable statement to make, think about, and talk about, it is a fact of life. Your existence will one day come to an end, and when that happens, certain events will take place. Your family will mourn your loss, your property will pass to new owners, and everything you left behind will have to be properly taken ca


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