Second Marriages and What You Need to do With Your Estate Plan

A lot of people entering into a second marriage in Florida have not taken the time to properly update or change their estate plans. Not only that, but many in second marriages aren t sure what their new relationship will mean for questions of inheritances, incapacity, and other essential estate planning topics. Today we are going to take a look at why you need to revisit several key estate planning topics if you are getting married for the second time in Florida. Second Marriages and Spousal Inheritances Anyone who is married for a second, or subsequent time immediately gains, and gives, automatic spousal inheritance rights. Should you or your spouse die, the surviving spouse is automatically entitled to inherit at least a portion of the deceased spouse s estate. While spouses can voluntarily waive this spousal inheritance right, it is not a right the other spouse can ignore. In other words, you cannot disinherit a spouse. Note that the spousal inheritance right only applies to people


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