Lamar Odom and Incapacity Planning

Former NBA star Lamar Odom recently suffered a medical emergency that left him comatose and unable to communicate. While Odom s condition has improved to the point where he is alert and communicative, there was a period of about a week in which he was unable to make or express choices. Because of his incapacitation, the responsibility of making choices on Odom s behalf fell to his wife, even though the two were in the process of getting divorced. Lamar Odom s Incapacitation Odom experienced a medical emergency that left him unresponsive and hospitalized. Whenever someone loses the ability to make decisions, health care workers will consult with that person s authorized representative. The representative has the legal authority to make decisions on the incapacitated person s behalf. Who an incapacitated person s medical representative is depends upon the individual circumstances of each case. In Odom s case, the responsibility fell to his wife, television star Khloe Kardashian. Incapac


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