Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I Avoid Estate Conflicts?

Avoiding estate conflicts that might arise after you die or becoming incapacitated is often a primary goal of many people who create estate plans in Florida. An estate conflict is not only potentially expensive, but these kinds of battles can be ruinous for family relationships. Even a simple conflict over who should manage an incapacitated person s affairs can lead to lifelong mistrust, resentment, and the even the breaking apart of families. Today we re going to take a look at some common ways that people can avoid estate conflicts when they create an estate plan. While there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility that a conflict might arise, these simple steps can make them less likely. Avoid Estate Conflicts by Being Clear and Open When you create an estate plan, you will be asked to make a variety of choices. Regardless of what your personal wishes or individual choices are, communicating those as clearly as possible, and often doing so openly is typically the best way


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