Your Sentimental Property And Your Estate Plan

What to do with sentimental property often poses a significant hurdle for many people who create an estate plan. Determining what you want to happen to your money after you are gone is often much easier than determining what you want to happen to those possessions that hold the most personal connection with you and your family. In keeping with our recent discussions on compulsive hoarding, and the difficulties posed by people who have a hoarding problem, today we are going to take a look at how you can more effectively deal with sentimental property through your estate plan. Sentimental Property Lists People keep any number of items for sentimental reasons. Whether it is a collection of toys or objects from your childhood, personal items owned by a beloved family member, or collections of items you ve spent a lifetime acquiring, sentimentally valuable property can be far more difficult to dispose of than items worth a greater dollar value. If you find yourself running into difficulty


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