Guardians in Florida – Frequently Asked Questions

The issue of guardians in Florida is a common one with people creating estate plans, but can also affect people who never expected to talk to an attorney, much less suddenly find themselves in need of advice about what a guardian is and does. Today we begin a multi-part blog series on guardians in Florida to help explain key issues, and guide you through the legal process surrounding this important position. We ll start the series with some frequently asked questions many people have about Florida guardians. Guardians in Florida – What is a guardian? A guardian is a person, or sometimes an organization, that has the legal authority to make decisions for someone who is legally unable to make choices. A legally incapacitated person, known as a ward, is someone who has had at least some of his or her decision-making abilities removed by a court. Because wards cannot make choices for themselves, they require guardians to make them on their behalf. Guardians in Florida – Is there more


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