Hoarding and the Estate Planning Process Part 2 – Identifying and Helping Hoarders

Earlier this week we looked at how people who have a compulsive hoarding disorder might be less likely to create an estate plan, and how hoarding an interfere with the estate planning process. The more we thought about it, and the more we realized how common a problem hoarding is, we wanted to go back and cover some additional information about this potentially harmful phenomena. Having a better understanding of what hoarding is, how to differentiate it from other potentially non-harmful behaviors, and how to go about getting treatment is important. Hoarding and Collecting A lot of people enjoy collecting things. Whether its fine art, antiques, movie memorabilia, sports collectibles, or anything else, finding and building a collection that you enjoy is something that many find rewarding. On the surface, hoarders and collectors might seem to share a lot of the same common traits. For example, both of them seek out and acquire property that other people might not desire or find particul


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