Hoarding and the Estate Planning Process – Understanding Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is a potentially serious psychological problem that many people, and their families, have to deal with. It s estimated that compulsive hoarding disorders affect between one in 50, or even as many as one in 20, people in the general population. The problem is very similar to other psychological disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, that affect how people interact with objects and the world around them. When you, or loved one, is affected by compulsive hoarding, understanding this behavior and how you can effectively deal with it will greatly benefit your life. Not only that, but understanding the issue can also help someone who has a compulsive hoarding disorder develop an effective estate plan. Compulsive Hoarding Compulsive hoarding is a behavior that manifests itself in three main ways. First, a compulsive hoarder is someone who tends to collect a lot of possessions, even when there is no strong need to do so. Second, compulsive hoarders experience st


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