Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What Happens to my Estate Plan if I Get Divorced?

For many people living on Florida s Treasure Coast, the question of what happens to their estate plan if they should ever get divorced is an important one. As with any other significant life event, your estate plan will need to change if your marriage comes to an end. To help explain how divorce affects an estate plan, and what you might need to do if you are thinking about getting divorced, here are several common questions many people have. What happens to my estate plan if I get divorced? In general, it s up to each individual who creates an estate plan to ensure that his or her plan accurately reflects the plan-maker s needs, desires, and current circumstances. So, should you get divorce, no changes to your plan will take place until you decide to make them. This is important to note because some people can go through a divorce and forget about the estate plans they have made. In the wrong circumstances, forgetting to update your plan could lead to serious problems later on if and


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