Basic Questions About Estate Planning – I Just Want Everything Taken Care of After I Die. What do I Need to do?

One of the most common statements people express about estate planning is the idea of wanting something in place so that all their affairs will be taken care of. This idea is often expressed with the assumption that creating a will can do this, or that you can have all your affairs properly addressed by telling your spouse or family what you want. While the desire to have everything taken care of is natural, and sounds simple, it can lead people to adopt the unfounded assumption that a simple desire leads to a simple solution. When it comes to estate planning, simple desires often require time and preparation to address properly. I Just Want Everything Taken Care Of: Inheritances One of the main goals with any estate plan is to choose how you want your property distributed after you die. With a few exceptions, you are free to choose whatever inheritances you like, and are not obligated to leave anything to any specific person. But, you cannot simply make your inheritance choices in an


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