Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I choose a Trustee?

When people in Florida create an estate plan, they often include one or more trusts as a part of that plan, and naturally have questions about how they choose a trustee for those trusts. Choosing a trustee, as with any part of the estate planning process, is something that takes time and consideration to do properly. While there is no single answer to how best to choose a trustee, and who the trustee of your trusts should be, there are some general principles you should keep in mind when making your selection. Today we are going to talk about how best to choose a trustee. How do I choose a trustee? Consider the nature of your trust. Not all trusts are equal, and some trusts will require different actions on the trustee s part than others. For example, one of the most commonly created trusts in Florida is the revocable living trust. These trusts are designed to allow your estate to avoid probate, as well as provide additional benefits to you and your estate plan. Because a revocable li


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