Transferring Inheritance Rights in Florida

Though it isn t a very common situation, there are some circumstances under which you might want to transfer your inheritance rights to others. The process of transferring inheritance rights in the state of Florida can be slightly complicated, which is why you should always speak to your attorney before you make any decisions about these kinds of transfers. Until you talk to us, however, there is some basic information you should understand about transferring inheritance rights in Florida and why you might want to do it. Transferring Intestate Inheritances When a person dies without an estate plan that person is said to have died intestate. In this situation, that person s closest living relatives typically inherit, or split, the decedent s property as his or her heirs. Though it is uncommon for people to die without an estate plan and not leave behind any identifiable living relatives, it does occasionally happen. When it does, the person managing the estate of the decedent will ofte


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