Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I Distribute Inheritances Fairly?

One of the main reasons people create estate plans is to distribute inheritances fairly between their family members and loved ones. But how do you do this? Today we are going to take a look at some basic ideas you should think about when trying to determine how best to distribute inheritances fairly through your estate plan. How do I Distribute Inheritances Fairly? Money When it comes to distributing property as inheritances, the question of how much money to give people is often one of the most important. For people who want to distribute money fairly, you will have to determine for yourself what fair means to you. For example, let s say you have four children. Do you want to give each child in equal inheritance? Do you want an older child to receive less money than a younger child, or vice versa? You want to give grandchildren equal inheritances, or provide them with some other gifts, such as paying for their college tuitions regardless of where they might be accepted? Once you hav


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