Basic Questions About Estate Planning. I’m Dying. What Should I do About my Final Wishes?

It is not uncommon for people who learn that they are dying to reach out to an estate planning attorney and ask about what they need to do to protect their final wishes. Learning that you have a terminal disease or that your life may soon be coming to an end can be traumatizing. Even the most well-prepared, calm, and rational person can have difficulty confronting his or her own mortality, much less addressing the legal realities that surround death and dying. If you have learned that you are dying, there are some practical steps you can take to help prepare you, and ensure that your final wishes are respected. What should I do about my final wishes? Think about your health care options. Many terminal illnesses involve complicated issues about healthcare. As long as you are able to make choices, you can create medical directives that control the kinds of health care you receive if you lose capacity. Health care or medical directives give you the ability to, for example, refuse extraor


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