How to Fund a Trust – 4 More Methods

Previously we looked at three common ways people can use to fund a trust. This week we wanted to continue the discussion by looking at three additional trust funding methods. As with any discussion of trusts or estate planning topics, it s important to talk to your attorney about specific questions you might have when it comes to funding a trust. The trust funding process has to be done correctly, and unless you proceed with the guidance of your estate planning attorney, you run the risk of causing significant problems should you fail to make mistakes during the funding process. How to Fund a Trust: Real Estate Transferring real estate to a trust can be one of the most important steps you take throughout the trust creation and funding process. Transferring real estate will require you to take different steps depending on where the real estate is located. For example, some states require the use of a quitclaim or correction deed, while in others you might have to use an assignment. The


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