Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What if my Elderly Parents Need a Guardian?

The question of what happens when elderly parents lost their abilities is one that many Florida residents face on a daily basis. No one likes getting older, but being prepared for what aging can do to us and our loved ones is the responsible thing to do. If you have aging parent, it may be necessary to ask a court to name a guardian over them. What is a guardian, and how does the guardianship process work? Let s take a look at some basic questions surrounding this issue. What is a guardian? A guardian is a person who is legally entitled to make decisions on behalf of someone else. Most people know that guardians can, for example, make choices on behalf of children, but there can also be guardians who make decisions for incapacitated adults, known as wards. Only a court can appoint a guardian. The court must hold a hearing, determine that the ward is truly incapacitated, and then choose who should serve as that person s legal guardian. How can I tell if my elderly parents need a guardi


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