Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What if I’m Married to a Non-Citizen?

When a person is married to a non-citizen spouse, there are some specific estate planning issues that person must address through his or her estate plan. Non-citizen estate planning issues primarily surround the application of the federal estate tax. While this tax will not apply to the majority of Americans, wealthy people who are married to non-citizens need to understand the issue and plan accordingly. Estate Taxes, Marital Deductions, and Non-Citizen Spouses The key problem with an estate plan for someone who is married to a non-citizen comes with the estate tax. As you might already know, the federal estate tax applies to the property left behind by a deceased person. If someone dies leaving behind property in excess of a specific amount ($5.43 million for estates of those who die in 2015), that estate will have to pay a tax to the federal government. For spouses who have estates worth more than the $5.43 individual exemption amount, avoiding estate taxes is often very simple bec


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