More About Florida Will Contests

A couple of weeks ago we looked at will contests in Florida and what they involve. Today we are going to go back and revisit the issue to take a little more time to explore some issues our discussion may have glossed over. Will contests can be notoriously complicated, and even though they are rare, a lot of people have concerns about them. Whether you are writing a will and are worried that someone might challenge it later, or are considering challenging a will in court, here are some additional issues you should understand about will contests in Florida. Burdens of Proof in Will Contests When someone challenges a will in a Florida court, that person has the burden of proof. This is an essential legal concept that is rather simple in principle, but a little more complicated in practice. What the burden of proof boils down to is that the person who wants to challenge your will has the legal obligation to provide evidence to the court. If the person fails to provide evidence, or doesn t


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