Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What if I’m Living With Someone but not Married?

When people are living with a romantic partner but are not legally married, they often want to know what estate planning options they have. For people living together outside of marriage, it is vital to take steps now to protect both you and your partner. Today we are going to look at several of the issues that people who are living with someone outside of marriage need to consider. Incapacitation When Living With Someone One of the rights that married couples receive upon getting married is the right to make decisions on behalf of their spouses should those spouses become incapacitated or otherwise lose the ability to communicate or make choices. But that same right is not automatic when it comes to people who are living with someone outside of marriage. For instance, let s say that you and your partner have been together for decades. Both of you know what each of you wants when it comes to medical decisions, and both of you feel comfortable making those choices on behalf of the othe


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