A Few More Estate Tax Planning Tips

Last week we looked at a couple of basic estate tax planning tips that almost everyone can take advantage of. This week we thought we would expand on the idea of estate tax planning by looking at some additional strategies that might be useful to you. When talking about estate taxes, it s important to remember that the issue is often a complicated one, and developing an estate tax plan is something that you should only do with the advice and guidance of your attorney. Many of the estate tax planning strategies available today are rather complex, and you need to speak to your attorney for advice if the estate tax is something you are worried about. Estate Tax Planning Tip: Develop a gift plan. One of the most effective strategies for reducing the amount of estate taxes your estate might have to pay is to develop a comprehensive gift-giving plan. The IRS allows each individual to give other individuals up to $14,000 per year as a tax-free gift. If you give people gifts, and make sure th


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